Regional Hemophilia Network Technical Assistance Webinar (HRSA-22-068) - Shared screen with speaker view
Debi Sarkar
Shalini Vora
Question 1: On Page 9 of the NOFO, the page limitation is noted at 60 pages. Previous round, the page limitation was 80. Please confirm if 60 pages is the correct page limitation.
Shalini Vora
Question 2: On page 24 of the NOFO, it states that support and funding for at least one annual, in person, regional meeting for subrecipient HTC staff. Does this mean grant funds are expected to be use to cover the full cost of this meeting?
Kaveh- GLHF
Page 2- Program Objectives Section,First bullet (underserved)-o Is there guidance from HRSA regarding how to quantify "underserved individuals"? Not every category is being captured via the current data sets (e.g., Community Counts, HTDS, etc.).o Should "annual" be added before "comprehensive visits"?o When would "baseline be collected"?
Kaveh- GLHF
P2, Program Objectives, Second bullet (>4 joint bleeds)-o On what data source would this be collected (especially assuming all severities will be collected)? We know that data is available in CC Registry, however the joint bleeding questions do not specify severe hemophilia and would need to be updated if we went with that route.o Requirement to report annual for hemophilia patients that "experience more than 4 joint bleeds annually within your region, of all severities". However, the HP2030 measure (BDBS-01) collects data on joint bleeding in people with severe hemophilia only. The NOFO references all people with hemophilia in multiple locations and requests on p. 18 comparison of aggregate joint bleeding all severities to joint bleeding in people with severe hemophilia is requested (p. 18 bullets 3, 4 NHPCC). Further clarification is appreciated.
Alisha Keehn (HRSA) (she/her)
The page limit noted in the NOFO on page 9, 60 pages, is correct.
Shalini Vora
Thank You for confirming, Alisha.
Kaveh- GLHF
p2, objectives ctd.: Third bullet (National Transition QI Project)-o What are the specific expectations / guidance for a National QI project based on work of other grantee groups?
Kaveh- GLHF
P2 objectives, • Fourth bullet (12 and older with Transition Plan)-o What is the "health care transition plan"? Can you elaborate?o How should this be measured? Peds. to adults? Is there a particular age range that awardees are using as a benchmark (e.g., 12-17, 12 and older, under 12, etc.)? We did note that it lists "...transition for individuals with hemophilia across the lifespan" ( p. 27 bullet 1, p. 9 paragraph 3, p. 18 bullet 3, p. 14 toward bottom, p. 22 2nd bullet under -068) When would "baseline be collected"?
susan lattimore
Will the Hemophilia Program financial Monitoring Documents be available before the application due date?
Kaveh- GLHF
Thank you, I didn't know if you needed them in the chat.
Kaveh- GLHF
Please ignore questions that I sent- thanks
Shalini Vora
Great, thank you for clarifying.
susan lattimore
Thank you!!
Kaveh- GLHF
I am having a tough time finding a link to these slides. I don't see it in the NOFO.
Alisha Keehn (HRSA) (she/her)
We will post the slides and the recording to the NOFO webpage.
Kaveh- GLHF
Thank you!
Alisha Keehn (HRSA) (she/her)
along with FAQs
Deniece Chevannes
Thank you for the presentation