Technical Assistance Webinar for Catalyst for Infant Health Equity Notice of Funding Opportunity-HRSA 22-066 - Shared screen with speaker view
Nicole Leacock
What will qualify as an existing action plan? Does the action plan need to have been reviewed/approved by the applicant's board or leadership?
Emily Urlacher
Just to clarify, the action plan is specific to IM, correct? Not just an overall statewide Healthy Start plan?
Belinda Pettiford
Since this focus is on equity and SDOH, can funds be utilized to pay for SDOH efforts/facilitating services in a community, ie. food insecurity, transportation, housing assistance, etc.
New York City has Healthy Start programs in each of its five counties (boroughs) but policies for all five are set by the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Would a collaboration of these programs be considered, assuming that there is the demonstrated need?
Belinda Pettiford
Thanks....that is helpful.
Stacey Kallem (she/her)
Building on the recent question about SDOH, could funds be used to support co-locating a SDOH? For example, co-locating WIC in certain healthcare settings?