HRSA-22-050 Technical Assistance Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Oksana Cobb
Here you can find HRSA-22-050 NOFO and other related information: https://www.hrsa.gov/grants/find-funding/hrsa-22-050
Frances Wise (she/her)
For those with competing continuations, does the progress report count against the page limit?
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
It was stated that those who have current HRSA funding and end in August 2023 are competing continuation applications. Are those ending in August 2022 also considered the same?
Oksana Cobb
Not all questions posted in the chat may be answered during this webinar. However, they will be collected, addressed, and included in the Q&A session that is planned to be held later or posted on HRSA website.
Eric Biagioli -MDH-
Activity 5 says programs developed with a dental society. Is it allowable to perform activity 5 with a dental school instead of a dental society?
Brittany Brown
To confirm, if our new, proposed activities are different from our current HRSA funded activities ending 8/31/2022, we should submit a new application (not a competing continuation)?
Ann Buss--MT
Does the NOFO include details about the equipment purchases? Is there a threshold for the equipment cost? Is there a reporting form if the funds are allowed for equipment purchases? thanks
NY - Samantha Cassidy
If we are planning on continuing activities from the 2018-2022 plus adding new activities, do we apply for a new or a continuing competing?
Tracy Rodgers
Further clarification to explain distinctions between 'new' and "competing continuations" would be helpful. Thanks!
Oksana Cobb
@Ann Buss, the Grants Management Specialist will talk about the equipment later on, but I will still line up your question to be answered at the end if we have time. If we don't, we will address it in FAQ session.
Rudy.Blea New Mexico Office of Oral Health
Please provide additional information for 13 C Dental Therapy.
Christine M Farrell
Activity 2 mentions dental recruitment and retention efforts. This is a broad term. Does dental recruitment also apply to the dental assistant workforce?
Oksana Cobb
@Frances Wise, @Matt Zaborowski, @Brittany Brown, @ Samantha Cassidy, @Tracy Rogers - thanks for asking the question about New vs Competing Continuation type of application. We will address this question either at the end of the webinar or in FAQ session.
Lynne Nilson-UDOH
When will we be able to get a copy of this slide deck? It would be helpful to have. Thank you.
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Lynne - they included a link at the beginning. Look at the first comment in the chat. I was able to download it.
Stephanie Pagliuca, Bi-State Primary Care Association
The slide deck is one of the first posts in this thread and can be downloaded from there.
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Do we need to include sub-objectives?
Oksana Cobb
@Samantha Cassidy, per NOFO p. 18 of pdf, it reads "Objectives and sub-objectives can be tailored to your innovative programs’ needs." The system will have a field for sub-objectives.
Oksana Cobb
@Ann Buss, equipment details are listed on page 32 of pdf of Application Guide SF424RR. Also see p.34 for equipment charge limitations for the indirect cost.
Ann Buss--MT
Thanks Oksana.
Eric Biagioli -MDH-
Under activity 10, what age groups qualify as "children"?
Brittany Brown
Is there a limit on how much we can budget for personnel/salaries?
NY - Samantha Cassidy
For activity #5, is there a definition of "children with special needs"? Does this include all children in DHPSAs?
Oksana Cobb
@Brittany Brown, Salary Limitation: The Executive Level II salary of the Level II Federal Executive Pay scale is $199,300. This salary limitation also applies to sub-recipients. Please see salary details are listed on page 20 of pdf of Application Guide SF424RR.
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Oksana, I think she was asking if there is a limit to the portion of the grant that can be spent on salary/fringe. That is my question too.
Maryanne Goss
The SF-424 R&R Application Guide indicates "Bibliography & References Cited" is an Attachment, but I don't see that listed in the NOFO. Can you confirm we do not need to include this as a separate attachment?
Nashon Hornsby, JD, LLM
Is it correct that the $199,300 limitation is for salary + fringe benefits?
Olivia Polkuzio (she/her)
For the oral health workforce needs, is there any data in particular that you are requiring that we collect?
Brittany Brown
Correct, Samantha - thank you! of the $400,000 is there a dollar amount/percentage limit that can be spent on salaries/fringe?
Oksana Cobb
Ok, got it, added to the list
jan miller
so if your grant ends 8/31/22 then can you apply or new or continuing?
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Still confused about the new vs. continuing. If we are proposing to continue some from 2018-2022 AND add new goals and objectives, which should we apply to?
Marisa Voelker
Thinking about dental workforce and that being a broad definition, wondering if it could be so broad to include community health workers or community dental care coordinators as part of the workforce as well? Or does the workforce have to be involved in direct patient care?
Rudy.Blea New Mexico Office of Oral Health
Under 13 C would funding support the establishment of a DT training program that has been approved by the state.
AnaKarina Mascarenhas
5a does include a "US dental school-based clinic"
NY - Samantha Cassidy
No need for definition of children with special needs if it's not a requirement. Thank you for answering that.
Ann Buss--MT
I am sorry to ask this question again: I thought I heard that ALL applications must include the Governor's Office letter to satisfy the Eligilbe Applicants. The guidance indicates that NO letter is required if the applicant is the State Dental Director/Program. Sorry if this has been asked and answered.
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Thank you Ann I have that same question
Samuel Zwetchkenbaum
Can we mix continuing and new activities?
Tim Golightly
On page 26 it says form SF424 R&R is needed for the Project Grantee and the Subaward / Subcontract / Subgrantee recipients. Is this accurate and is this different than last grant cycle
Shelley Guinn (WA-DOH)
So is my understanding correct that Competing Continuations do not need to show another new innovation besides the currently funded pilot, for example, perhaps with the intention of further adoption of the current innovation?
Maryanne Goss
For the SF-424 R&R Senior/Key Person Profile and Senior Key Personnel Biosketches, can you clarify who is considered Senior/Key? Can/should biosketches be submitted for all staff working on the project?
Shelley Guinn (WA-DOH)
Yes that is perfect, thank you!!
John Welby
If you are building upon your previous HRSA funding but adding new innovative programs to do this, should you apply for new or continuous funding?
NY - Samantha Cassidy
Same question as John Welby. Still confused about which we should apply to.
Tim Golightly
On page 27, it mentions a budget for sub awards. Can the budget for sub awards be included in the Project Budget Narrative? We do not need a separate Sub award Narrative?
Ann Buss--MT
thanks for the clarification about the Governor's letter. and thanks for the TA!!! Appreciate it!
Eric Biagioli -MDH-
Very helpful, thanks everyone
John Welby
Thank you!
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
Thank you, HRSA! Have a great day, everyone!
Thank you for the information.
Nashon Hornsby, JD, LLM
Thank you. Very helpful webinar.