AHEC TA Information Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Judith Sayad
who will have access to the recording?
Carl Yonder
Today's webinar is being recorded and will be posted to the website within a few days.
Linda Cragin
The DUNS is out of date as of April 4th. Our grants are due April 6th. You can get a UEI instead. This is required on the budget worksheet for example.
Susan Huppert
I am guessing you will cover this for those medical schools in a state without an AHEC
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
Is attachment 10 - "the completed copy of the Research & Related Budget" – counted in the 65 page limit? It is a copy of a standardized form that typically does apply to the page count.
Henry Nuss
FYI it can take up to 2 business days to get a UEI (DUNS) #, in case you don't have one.
Henry Nuss
so don't wait till last minute
Angie DS
Could you please clarify the school of nursing eligibility. The presenter stated they can only apply if there is no medical school in the state but the notice of funding states nursing schools can apply in states where there is not a current AHEC. Thanks much
Denna Wheeler
Has anyone else had issues submitting the SWP using Cayuse?
Michelle Mollick
There is confusion about wording on pp 18-19 of the NOFO. Do you really intend for CHW's to be enrolled as Scholars?
Janna Lesser
I believe so, yes
Mary Cloud
AHEC Scholars include nursing students (non NP's)
JD Garza
Are NP,PA, MD residents allowed?
Anne Wenders
CHWs typically do not pursue two year course work. Will exceptions be allowed?
Gloria Burnett
If we are current awardee and already have prior approval for expanded disciplines, do we have to reapply for prior approval with the new award or do all existing priori approvals to date hold true?
Yessica Ayala
I have the same question about CHWs as well
JD Garza
Do all AHEC centers HAVE to work with CHW's and other paraprofessional's
Diana Schow
Is there a list of allied health professionals that qualify for scholars? Is there a list of health professions that do NOT qualify for scholars?
JD Garza
Does every AHEC center have to develop a High school public health pipeline program?
Anne Wenders
CHWs and paraprofessionals typically do not pursue a "degree program" (page 18 of NOFO). Could you please clarify how they might be incorporated in the formal Scholars Program?
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
Examples for the disparity impact statement identifies transgender and sexual orientation status as a category, yet this is not data collection historically reported to HRSA. Is this is new expectation to report this data on annual performance reports?
Jennifer Cahn (she, her, hers)
Is it possible to apply for both ID and POSME phases?
Rachel Huber
Will we have access to a copy of today's PowerPoint?
Carl Yonder
Today's presentation has been posted in the Chat
Billy Philips
Will there be a list of participants in this webinar provided with enough information for contact regarding collaborations?
On page two of the NOFO, it says that a center can spend up to 6 years in the ID phase. We received funding for a new center in FY19. Does this mean we can request ID funding for this center for two years of this 5-year cycle to reach the maximum of 6?
Hong Chartrand
On p. 9 of the NOFO, it says “to identify an individual to function as an AHEC Program Evaluator with a minimum of a .5 FTE.” Can such a .5 FTE be a combination of several persons?
The budget narrative counts in the page count, but where exactly does it go (in ATT 10 with budget forms)? What exactly goes in ATT 10?.
Jennifer Cahn (she, her, hers)
Do carryover funds include from one grant period to that under a new proposal (or from the first 6 years to the next phase0?
Linda Cragin
If our indirect rate is capped, why do we need to submit the institution's Indirect Cost Rate Agreement?
Samantha Hanson (she/her/hers) Colorado AHEC
What is support requested, that it has a point value of 10?
Jennifer Gunderman-King
Can medical residents participate and "count" for community-based experiential training (non-AHEC Scholars)?
Robert Pawloski
Assuming a response to this NoFO is a good opportunity to add an ADDITIONAL center to an existing AHEC, would that new program (could it be a center) be proposed as being in infrastructure development (ID) phase, while existing centers would remain POSME? And Could the new center singly apply for a waiver of match?
Mary Cloud
Does every Center support all of the 8 core topics?
Linda Cragin
We appreciate your longevity with us Curtis. We know we are unique and can be challenging!
Gloria Burnett
Hi Curtis! Thank you for all your support over the years!
Petra Clark-Dufner
Billy Philips
Could you describe the characteristics of the reviewers? Will this be a peer-review of people who have experience with AHEC programs?
Jennifer Gunderman-King
Can a geographic area that is included as part of a current center's catchment area be removed from the current center catchment to create a new center to better serve the geographic area? Or is that geographic area considered already being served and not eligible for expansion?
Liz Tamor
Thank you Curtis!
Jennifer Bailey
Curtis — thank you for your prompt responses to funding/budget questions from all of us in South Carolina AHEC.
Leon Hudson
Even though social work was not listed as a prioritized discipline for AHEC Scholars, is that discipline still allowable for AHEC Scholars?
Linda Cragin
Thank you Tamara and Christiana
Curtis Colston Senior Grants Management Specialist for the AHEC program ccolston@hrsa.gov please send me questions on grants/budget related questions
Is it allowable to use this funding for publication fees related to our dissemination activities?
In the program eligibility you identified Community health workers as an approved discipline. Many of these programs are certificate programs. Does that include certificate programs?
Liz Bush (she/her), Wisconsin AHEC
Thank you for the webinar! Does HRSA have a definition for “paraprofessionals”? Reference is to Core Topic c (pg. 15) and Center Requirements I. (pg. 21).
Rachel Huber
1.How is BHW/HRSA defining diversity of the health care workforce (URMD only or also other e.g. ability, professions, LGBTQ)?2.What is the expectation of the emergency preparedness and disparity impact statements? (length?)3.Do we use the updated NIH biosketch for our key personnel biosketches?
Samantha Hanson (she/her/hers) Colorado AHEC
are biosketches as attachments to the personnel form each counted in the page count? And are center directors (Executive Directors) required Key Personnel?
Judith Monroe
school of nursing question follow up- do both criterial you listed need to be met? no AHEC AND no school of medicine in the state??
Linda Cragin
In Att. 10, if you want a budget for the program and centers for each year, we will eat up the page count in Att. 10. Each budget is 4 pages... x 5 years x # centers... plus the justification... then there is nothing left for the Project Narrative.
Kelly Peterson
What is the criteria used to determine if a new center, in ID phase, would be eligible for matching funds waiver?
Judith Sayad
your prior approval answer is not clear.
Jessica Stidham
Can you please clarify - why would a prior approval hold true if we cannot recruit from the disciples for which we received a prior approval?
Jessica Stidham
Julie Bauer Cook
How should an applicant pursue prior approval in the this cycle to expand disciplines eligible for inclusion in the AHEC scholar track? Is that a separate request or should it be included within the application itself?
CHWs are required to be included in AHEC Scholars. If CHWs do not pursue 2-year degrees and you stated “exceptions will be allowed,” does this statement mean that programs will have to apply for the exception or is an exception to the two year requirement inherent in the inclusion of CHWs?
Shelley She/Her
Is there still a limit on spending less than 10% of funds?
Judith Sayad
so the HS program is required per AHEC program, it is not required that each center participate?
Jennifer Bailey
Please clarify for CHWs will they need to complete 160 hours total or 80 hours in total?
Hernan A. Vera
Can an existing program apply to both ID and POSME phases in the same application.?
Jennifer Bailey
For AHEC Scholars program
Judith Sayad
YOur CHW answer is also not clear. If we admit CHW students who are in one year programs, they still have to be AHEC Scholars for two years? Or they have to complete the requirements for the year they are students?
Cynthia Selleck
Please clarify what you want in terms of a Disparity Impact Statement. The links provided indicate rather lengthy, in-depth documents are needed here.
Denise Kornegay
Repeating a previous question that was skipped over... Examples for the disparity impact statement identifies transgender and sexual orientation status as a category, yet this is not data collection historically reported to HRSA. Is this is new expectation to report this data on annual performance reports?
Liz Cote
Follow up to the CHW conversation or any exception for a one year program, are participants required to complete a total of 80 hours or must it be the full 160 hours but in one year instead of two years?
Iris Price
For the HS pipeline program, is this something that needs to happen at every center or will a subset of centers having a pipeline program satisfy that requirement?
Jennifer Bailey
Please clarify/expand on the Diversity Impact Statement as that is new for this NOFO
Allison Robinson
How are the projected numbers, listed in the sample Diversity Impact Statements, determined?
Karen Brown
Is a match required for carry over funds?
Judith Sayad
Attachment 10 is or is not part of the page count? In this Q&A, one person said yes and another person said no.
Hong Chartrand
In our state, the CHW program is 6-month long. Do they need to complete 80 hours of didactics and experiential activities, 160 hours of didactics and experiential activities or less?
Are tables and charts acceptable as appropriate responses to the evaluation and technical support capacity section?
Jennifer Bailey
In our state the CHW training programs have different lengths but all under 1 year.
Heather Schafer--Wake AHEC
can students who are enrolled in a certificate program (e.g. pharmacy tech, CNA, etc) but the program is not part of an accredited institution be allowed to apply?
Jennifer Zuniga
One of the new center requirements (page 25 of the NOFO) Item H addresses centers offering provider resiliency for "health profession students and trainees...." We would expect to report this as continuing education for "providers" in the HRSA performance report. Can it be anticipated that a similar category will be developed in the performance report for students, for whom only CBET is currently reported? Of should we expect to report this information for students only in our narrative report(s)?
Judith Sayad
This last answer had nothing to do with the question. If we include residents as AHEC Scholars, do they need an additional 40 hours of community based training, over and above their residency requirements.
Anne Wenders
For a new center to be brought on board in a state, it would have to serve a geographic area not already covered by existing centers, correct?
Linda Cragin
We definitely need clarification about the budget R&R forms and if they count in page count in Att. 10. If we need to upload a blank document in Section L for the budget justification - does this count in the page count?) see page 35. Then the justification is uploaded (where) separately and does count?
Gloria Burnett
Split that geography of that center into more than one center each serving a unique area
Patti Thornborough
Do the program goals of diversity, distribution, and practice transformation the 3 goals of the Standardized Work Plan?
Gloria Burnett
Sometimes the regional areas are laid out originally and then we understand later that it isn't ideal...
Gloria Burnett
Thank you for clarifying
Anna Tupper
Thank you Linda C. - I would appreciate clarification on Attn 10 as well (pg. 35 and 41) esp whether the budget justification narrative is included in the page count
Jennifer Gunderman-King
Maine does not have a CHW training program in the state. How do we recruit CHWs into Scholar Program?
Gloria Burnett
That is very troubling. We have built solid relationships with academic programs and now we are going to have to tell these programs their students are no longer eligible. I am very disappointed to hear that news. It is hard enough for a frontier state like Alaska to meet the minimum number of AHEC Scholars required each year. We have expanded eligibility because ALL health professions are high need in our state. I sincerely hope this is something open for discussion via prior approvals as it has been in the past.
Denise Kornegay
Where are you getting the current questions? I don't see them in the chat and am getting confused....
Mary Cloud
For eligibility to be a AHEC scholar includes NPs- what about undergraduate nursing students?
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
Are we expected to report on participant orientation status (LGBTQ) on the annual performance report (as it is identified on the disparity impact statement)?
Liz Bryant
Idaho seconds your comments, Gloria. As a heavily rural/frontier state, many of the professionals who will no longer be approved (e.g. social workers) are the professionals making the biggest impact in the behavioral health shortage.
Jennifer Bailey
I am also disappointed to here MSW students focused on serving rural /underserved patients in primary care is a real concern. We are looking to integrate Behavioral Health w/in Primary Care so why not include Behavioral Health Providers?
Judith Sayad
could someone send the cite for the definition of diversity?
From HRSA’s policy statement on workforce diversity and inclusion (2019): We define diversity as all the ways in which people differ, including but not limited to age, race,ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, mental or physicalabilities, primary language, education, socioeconomic status, religion, work experience, culturalvalues, geographic location, family status, organizational level, work style, philosophical views,veteran status, and intellectual perspectives.
Linda Cragin
Per Gloria's comment... we are an academic-community partnership. We have local advisory boards... we have to be responsive to the workforce needs of our communities.
Jennifer Gunderman-King
I concur with Gloria. We have included PT, OT, nursing. Their inclusion has been important to interprofessional learning.
Judith Sayad
any ideas on how to foster BH integration and team based care without social workers?
Hong Chartrand
I concur with Gloria as well.
Anne Wenders
If all geographic areas in a state are covered by an AHEC program & centers under the existing FY2017-2022 award, and the same AHEC program/centers are applying for the FY2023-2027 award, would applications from other institutions proposing to create a brand new program/center structure be entertained? Basically could an outside entity essentially compete for and wipe out an existing infrastructure?
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
I also agree with Gloria and others. We have spent 5 years building relationships with an Interprofessional group of academic partners for a robust Scholars cohort. Many of those groups will be excluded now.
Petra Clark-Dufner
CT agrees wholeheartedly - Social Work students/faculty are integrated into our AHEC Scholars program. To exclude them is flies in the face of collaborative partnership.
Gloria Burnett
Even if every student in the state of Alaska applied from the priority disciplines outlined in this presentation, we would be unable to fill the minimum number of scholars per year.
Gloria Burnett
Prioritizing recruitment of certain disciplines is VERY different than mandating we do NOT recruit from other approved disciplines.
Mary Cloud
Does every center within a AHEC Program supply 15 AHEC Scholars?
Gloria Burnett
minimum of 15 per center per year...
Gloria Burnett
That's a great question
Jill Horner
In Attachment 3, can we submit a list of Letters of Agreement, MOUs, and contracts or do we have submit the actual documents?
Cathy Hudson
Could you describe the characteristics of the reviewers? Will this be a peer-review of people who have experience with AHEC programs?
Linda Cragin
Please address the Att. 10 page count issue. This is critical.
Billy Philips
what will be the characteristics of the reviewers?
Mary Cloud
Still confused- does EVERY Center within a AHEC Program need to support all 8 Core Topic Areas?
Linda Cragin
I hope our HRSA colleagues see how seriously we take the requirements in the NOFO, including the many new requirements, forms, etc. and what is said in this TA call.
Judith Sayad
so attachment 3 will be more than 65 pages. Any idea how long an MOU is?
Denise Kornegay
Attachment 3- These MOUs in Academia can be upwards of 10 pages, and these count towards the page limits. Your response is undoable if you really want to see every contract and MOU...
Gloria Burnett
Agree with Judith and Denise... a summary is feasible. There's no way we can include all those MOUs
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
Will you have a FAQ for all the questions not answered?
Diana Schow
also very concerned about the page limit issues
Patti Wagner (she/her/hers)
Courtney Combs
An FAQ would be very helpful!
Kira Rodriguez
Thank you! This was very helpful
Kerrin Smith
Thank you!
Jennifer Taylor (she/her)
Thank you!
Linda Cragin
Thank you.
Diana Schow
Thank you!
Patti Wagner (she/her/hers)
Hugh Tilson
Thank you for this very informative presentation.
Courtney Combs
Thank you!
Lizzy Gillespie
Thank you
Caroline Thomas
thank yoy
Thank you!
Lydia Sand
Thank you
Nicole Neilson
Thank you!
Mary Cloud
Thank you!
Gloria Burnett
Thank you