Geriatrics Academic Career Awards [GACA] Program/NOFO/Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Is a fellow from UMass Medical School working in a UMass Geriatrics clinic, intending to stay with UMass eligible to apply? If not alone, are they eligible if current staff of geriatric clinic is also part of the application?
Armiel Suriaga
I have similar question, if I was selected as a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Diversity, Career Development Program in 2021, will it be considered? Thank you.
Serena Wong
If I apply at my current level of assistant professor, is it possible to be promoted to associate professor during the 4-year GACA award period? Thank you
Steffany Chamut
Is the recording and slides will be available after this presentation?
Jess Schor
If an applicant is not rural or medically underserved area, are they ineligible?
David Yens
Unfortunately this discriminates against small medical schools that do not have fellowship trained geriatricians or suitable supervising faculty but that need geriatric expertise. Are there plans for any programs to support such needs?
Kathy Jo Carstarphen
I am in the same boat as what David Yens in describing. I have IM training, but no geri fellowship. I work in a high needs setting for complex populations with a focus on older adults. I have only worked in the older adult and high-risk care delivery space since graduating from residency 7 years ago. Are people like me eligible?
Mary Bainbridge
If two faculty members work closely within the same department, may we submit one joint application to support both people? Or should we select only one person to apply for?
Vania Leung
Is billing for clinical time not allowed within the protected 75% time (eg bedside teaching)?
Selena Washington
Does a former 1yr GACA award under a larger GWEP grant count a formal geriatric training and acceptable for this larger GACA award?
Steff iPhone
Dentistry has not a geriatric specialty, does a health and aging policy fellowship program makes me elegible ?
Peter Wood - CHI
Would a junior faculty member of a Teaching Health Center Family Medicine Residency program be an eligible candidate?
Caitlin Jones
Can you please clarify nursing home objective-- is this a requirement of the grant or an opportunity?
Steff iPhone
As dentistry does not have board geriatric certification
Caitlin Jones
Can GACA funds be used to support a project manager?
Kate Taylor
I am a certified family nurse practitioner, working now exclusively in the specialty of geriatrics. There is not an approved specialty training in geriatrics or fellowship required by my discipline. I am an eligible candidate?
Leah Tobey
Could the geriatrics board certification (or letter to be board-eligible) also possibly serve as the second category of eligibility/fellowship program if no such fellowship was available in my state?
Jackie Luker
Are you eligible for the award if you are adjunct faculty at UAB Heersink School of Medicine and work at one of their branch campuses?
Emily Coskun (she/her)
Several sections in the NOFO mention improving telehealth, but it is not listed in the primary objectives. Is telehealth a requirement?
Cynthia Selleck
Page 5 of the NOFO states that if an eligible individual is promoted during the period of the award and thereby no longer meets the criteria, the individual shall continue to be treated as an eligible individual during the term of the award. This is different from what was just stated. Please clarify which is correct. Thank you.
Armiel Suriaga
I worked in older adults for twenty years and now teach in a school of nursing (Ph.D. in nursing) as a tenure-track assistant professor with research focus on aging and older adults, do I need to complete a certificate in gerontology prior to application, or can it be included as part of the career development plan for this application? Thank you.
Selena Washington
I was in the fellowship program
Lauren Kelly
Can you please say a bit more about how the 75% GACA time requirement fits with "full time equivalents”? In other words, would I be able to maintain robust clinical practice (e.g., 50% clinical FTE) while being a GACA recipient? Assuming that GACA objectives could be fulfilled during clinical practice, it does not seem to be at odds. Thank you!
Selena Washington
Is it mandatory to "give up" the GACA if promoted?
Caroline A Vitale
If the applicant has part of their current FTE supported by the VA and part supported by a an approved university medical school, would the GACA funds cover 75% of the University appointment only, or 75% of one's full FTE (including the VA contribution).
Selena Washington
thank you!
Lauren Kelly
Can you also please speak to the extent to which the grant includes dementia care in its objectives? Would that need to be a central focus or okay to be more peripheral. Thanks!
Lauren Kelly
No, I will be fulltime.
Emily Coskun (she/her)
Program objective 2 states: Educateandtrainthehealthcareworkforce,withinthecontextoftheage-friendly health systems framework, to address dementia-risk reduction, dementia across the disease trajectory including training on dementia medications as they are approved for use, health disparities and social determinants of health, and nursing home care. Are all categories required (nursing home, social determinants, dementia, etc)?
Lauren Kelly
Can you clarify the email we are writing to questions?
Rattigan, Peter J.
Am I correct in saying the grant applies to a junior, tenure track faculty but not a junior, non-tenure track faculty (full time lecturer)?
Vania Leung
Are state employees also excluded from applying?
Rattigan, Peter J.
Thank you.
Rachel Jantea (UTHealth, Geriatric Medicine)
Thank you for this information. With respect to ensuring our system registrations are current, may I clarify: the SAM.gov registration is an institutional registration and the grants.gov registration is an individual (GACA candidate) registration, correct?
Jess Schor
Thank you!
Rattigan, Peter J.
Armiel Suriaga
Thank you so much for this informative session.
Alissa Cooney
Thank you, this was very informative!
Rachel Jantea (UTHealth, Geriatric Medicine)
Thank you all so much
Emily Coskun (she/her)
Thank you!
Ray Marks
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Vania Leung
Selena Washington
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Vicky Framil
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