Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) NOFO TA Webinar (HRSA-22-105) - Shared screen with speaker view
Linda Tobey
Several related questions re HPSA Scores: 1) If a residency program operates in multiple locations (i.e. one main location with residents rotating to rural locations with their own HPSA designations) could we add all locations/HPSA scores and get a higher overall HPSA score: 2) Does being located in an MUA but not a HPSA designated area count? 3) If the lookup shows that a location has a HPSA score of 16, would that count for 4 points?
Linda Tobey
If we are applying for two separate residency programs run by our FQHC in different parts of the state--both in Family Practice--but each associated with a different University teaching program--would that be one or two applications?
Tonya Twyman
You will be granted a funding priority if the main community-based ambulatory patientcare center training site is in a qualifying HPSA
Tonya Twyman
You will be granted a funding priority if the main community-based ambulatory patientcare center training site serves a medically underserved community
Judy Price
I can't open the pdf file.
Michelle Robin
We are a current THC recipient and expanded our FM resident positions by one ACGME accredited position in AY2021, would we be able to include that academic year plus AY2022 in this application?
Tonya Twyman
HPSA scores of 16-20 will receive 4 points
I'm sorry, I am confused. Is this the meeting for programs already accredited or for brand new programs?
Carl Yonder
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Linda Tobey
Just to clarify on our two residency training programs (each through our FQHC but with different university training affiliations for the South and North programs, would I have to do two separate applications or one?
Tonya Twyman
THCGME program is for programs that are accredited or will be accredited by the deadlines in the THCGME NOFO
Tonya Twyman
New THCs are those applicantsthat have never received payment under the HRSA THCGME Program forthe applicable residency program in any previous fiscal year
Tonya Twyman
Each program should have separate applications
Theresa Blanco
IF we are accredited by ACGM for a 3-3-3 program, and in the process for accreditation for a 4-4-4, are we eligible to apply for a 4-4-4?
Tonya Twyman
THCGME funding may not be used to support residentFTE positions below your program’s baseline,
Melvin Hampton
Are the funding priorities mutually exclusive?
Theresa Blanco
So our expansion request from ACGME must be complete prior to applying for the HRSA expansion dollars?
Tonya Twyman
Describe your current accreditation status. If you are in the process of applying forresidency program accreditation and/or approval of program expansion with therelevant accrediting body, describe the steps you have taken to ensure that ACGMEor CODA approval will be obtained, and documentation provided to HRSA, by theNovember 5, 2021 deadline specified in this NOFO
Tonya Twyman
You can receive all 3 funding priorities
Jennie Faulkner, Conroe
Please restate the date programs would receive notice of award.
Will the slides be made available? Thank you.
Tonya Twyman
HRSA intends to issue approval letters to successful applicants by November 15, 2021in order to allow programs to recruit residents for the 2022-2023 AY that will begin July1, 2022.
Sheree Storm
Please clarify the accepted use of funds for the $160k per resident.
We are considering moving our already approved FM residency from from an AHC to a consortium to allow us to partner with an FQHC to open a new track. my questions are 1) when would the new sponsoring document have to be completed by AND 2) how is the baseline funding for the existing residents calculated and how do we document this?
Tonya Twyman
HRSA will issue the Notice of Award (NOA) prior to the start date of July 1, 2022.
Judy Price
Do we already need to have the approval from ACGME for the additional expansion slots before application
Monae Raphael
As a follow-up to the HPSA score question, our main training site address does not have a HRSA designated *geographic* Mental Health HPSA. However, our organization address does have a HRSA designated *facility* Mental Health HPSA. Can HRSA clarify if the *facility* Mental Health HPSA can be used?
Theresa Blanco
thank you
Hope Wittenberg
Is there a limit to the number of FTEs a program can apply for - either expansion or new program?
Linda Tobey
Did you see the question someone posted re use of $160k above?
if we have 16 accredited positions, and since 2018 have filled up to 13 of those 16, can we apply for 16 FTE as a new THCGME ?
Sheree Storm
Clarifying … $160k/resident/year for 4 yrs or $160k/resident over 4 yrs?
Theresa Blanco
We expanded our program with ACGME in 2018 from a 2-2-2 to a 3-3-3. We are only funded for the 2-2-2 by THCGME, can we include this additional 1-1-1 with our THCGME expansion request?
Tonya Twyman
You will be granted a funding priority if the main community-based ambulatory patientcare center training site is in a qualifying HPSA. HPSAs are designations that indicatehealth care provider shortages in Primary care, Dental health, or Mental health and maybe geographic, population, or facility-based
Kerrie Parr
As currently accredited program funded by CMS for 2-2-2 but ACGME approved for 3-3-3, can the FQHC apply for 1-1-1 for funding of this expansion under the THCGME? Our would the FQHC need ACGME approval for these 1-1-1 via ACGME by November of 2021?
Linda Tobey
Could you clarify your recent comment regarding affiliation with a teaching hospital. If our residency programs are affiliated with university teaching hospitals, does this mean we cannot apply?
Sheree Storm
Our accreditation will be through CODA, is that acceptable?
Monae Raphael
Absolutely, thank you very much. I will email you
Don Wheeler
Tonya Twyman
Yes, CODA accreditation is acceptable for dental programs
Bruce Holmes
Kristin Gordon Contact: KGordon@hrsa.gov Phone: 301-443-0752
Linda Tobey
Thank you for all of the information shared!
Kristin, “Existing HRSA THCGME programs may request support for an expanded number of resident FTEs beyond the number stated in their most recent HRSA THCGME Program Resident FTE Approval Letter.” if an existing THC program actually has expanded beyond their HRSA positions, could they apply for those?
Theresa Blanco
Thanks Kristin
Tonya Twyman
Thank you for attending
Thank you, Kristin!