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Do applicants need to address more than one core bundle within their state?
Sandra Lloyd
Link to MCHB's mission and vision: https://mchb.hrsa.gov/about-us
Sandra Lloyd
Applicants do not need to currently be addressing more than one core bundle within their state. If funded, the awarded state is expected to meet each of the applicable measures and objectives outlined on pages 17 and 18 of the NOFO, which includes: By September 29, 2027, each recipient is expected to increase from baseline:o The number of core AIM bundles implemented in the state.
Jeanine Draut
Work Plan is required in both the project narrative and as an attachment. Should we duplicate the information in both places?
Meghan Haggard (she/hers)
What level of data access do you mean when you say gain access to state maternal mortality or pregnancy-related death data? Our state is legislatively unable to share case level data from the MMRC but can share aggregate data would that meant the program requirements?
Sandra Lloyd
You must submit a work plan in table format as Attachment 1, and include all of the information and activities detailed in the narrative section of the application. You do not need to duplicate the information by providing the work plan in table format within both the narrative portion of your application and the required attachment. Only provide the table format of the work plan as Attachment 1.
Mandy Bakulski - CDPHE
Is there required travel to an annual grantee meeting? If so, how many staff are allowed to attend from each state?
Sandra Lloyd
There is no requirement for travel to an annual grantee meeting outlined within the NOFO; however, award recipients are expected to participate in technical assistance and capacity building activities provided by the designated TA provider(s), including participation at an annual meeting hosted by the TA provider(s). There are no restrictions outlined at the current time about the number of staff that would be allowed to attend.
Sandra Lloyd
Reporting case-level maternal mortality or pregnancy-related death data is not required. Awardees do report on the number of pregnancy-related deaths, leading causes, and the factors that are associated with or contribute to pregnancy-related deaths. Where available and appropriate, awardees are also expected to report pregnancy-related deaths summarized by race/ethnicity, age, level of education, and geography (rural/urban).
E.Coronado NMDOH
Is the 20% budget contribution for AIM data enhancements just a minimum, and is there guidance on how much more could be included?
Mandy Bakulski - CDPHE
Is the TA training expected to be in person in North Carolina?
Sarah L. Stone, Massachusetts
Will these slides be available in addition to the recording?
Can the voice of marginalized communities be included as a form of a letter of support for this application?
How to understand two sentences? Applications should not duplicate existing activities, nor should funds be used to supplant current activities. Funded activities under this announcement should be used to supplement existing maternal health activities.
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