Pre-App Technical Assistance Webinar for HRSA-22-028 - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Monk (she/her)
I work for a large research university which operates several HIV clinics. The clinic I work at would like to apply as a demonstration site. Also, it is possible that our TA program, which is a different organization/department, may also apply as the Evaluation site. Would this arrangement be within the guidelines of "Multible applications from an organization are NOT allowable"?
Simeon Muncan
Is there a cap on the Indirect rate? Our NICRA rate is 29.5%. Can we charge up to 29.5% in indirect?
Amy Keith
Is the Letter of Intent required?
Donna Doty
Does the grantee use their current service area as the geographical area for the grant?
Deb McMahon
will the data we are to share with the evaluators and capacity building-provider be de-identified?
Donna Doty
What about a PDF of the Webinar to download?
Donna Doty
How do grantees collaborate with capacity and evaluation providers?
Yafonne Chen
What do you mean specifically by "emerging strategies"? Can you provide a sample list of "emerging strategies" out there so we know the scope and range of what is acceptable?
Yafonne Chen
Will demonstrate sites grantees be matched with capacity and evaluation providers, or so we need to go find them and partner with them after the award? How early do with have to find those partners to include in our application?
Sharona Clarke
As far as personnel, what are expectations in hiring? Does this grant cover salaries for physicians, Social workers, clinical staff.
Amy Keith
Do we have to address comorbidities and geriatric conditions and behavioral health and psychosocial needs, or can we apply if we only have emerging strategies for one or two of these?
Is there a specific template for the LOI?