FY20 PCHP (Year 2) Progress Report TA Webinar (Live Q&A Session) - Shared screen with speaker view
Maria-Thelma Pena
Link to PCHP Technical Assistance website: https://bphc.hrsa.gov/program-opportunities/primary-care-hiv-prevention
Lorraine Burton
Link to 2021 UDS Manual :https://bphc.hrsa.gov/sites/default/files/bphc/datareporting/pdf/2021-uds-manual.pdf
Lorraine Burton
Not a question, but a confirmatory comment. Kristen's response was spot-on. PrEP Rx part of countable visits from HC submitting PCHP Progress report would be included. These Rx from other HCs (or other health care organizations for that matter) would not be included.
Lorraine Burton
for PrEP measure on UDS Table 6A Line 21e, column b, for UDS reporting, you'd report all pts on PrEPthis responds to UDS reporting but not grant reportit will clarify the UDS measure
Lorraine Burton
[2:46 PM] Van Alstyne, Judith (HRSA)udshelp330@bphcdata.net