HAB HIV and Aging Workgroup Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
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Tez Anderson
Living longer is good. Living longer better by focusing on wellness and aging well needs to be the goal. With quality of life as part of the new EtE story strategy it’s vital that we begin looking at care through a quality of life lens.
Tez Anderson
How to lift people out of poverty? Because there has to be a link between health and poverty. Returning to work is fine for those who are able but for older adults with HIV disability is the norm. Things like neuropathy and fluctuating energy are barriers to returning to work so poverty is a big stressor and barrier to living well.
Molly Tasso
For more information on the ACE TA Center, including links to all our resources and archived webinars, please visit https://targethiv.org/ace
Laura Cheever, HRSA (she/her)
@Tez Anderson- I agree. In order to better meet the needs of people aging with HIV, we will need a whole of society (and government) approach. The National HIV/AIDS Strategy can help provide a roadmap.
Anne Ordway
3 Questons:
Anne Ordway
1. Does current legislation support funds for research specifically extramural funds through grants? 2. Why did you define your aging cohort as age 50+ (rather than 60+)? 3. Do you track functional disability status of your program participants (sounds like you're tracking chronic comorbid conditions)? Happy to take responses offline. Thanks!
Graham Harriman
Hey Ann. This is Graham Director of the NY EMA Planning Council. We used other funding for the formative focus groups and town hall events. For the Consumers Committee work we did hold a town hall to receive community input on the directive.
Graham Harriman
In regard to the age we wanted to ensure we included a wellness and prevention focus so engaging people earlier in the aging years works better
Graham Harriman
I’m regard to functional disability we collect the HRSA required data fields for disability. When we build the services for the directive we will be able to collect more data
Cathleen Davies
Cathleen Davies
Golden Compass Model
Cathleen Davies
ARTAS: https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/effective-interventions/treat/artas?Sort=Title%3A%3Aasc&Intervention%20Name=ARTAS
Graham Harriman
In regard to the use implementation science here is a link to the publication for the logic model we used : https://implementationscience.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13012-020-01041-8
Graham Harriman
Sorry but my audio is not working. I can respond to any questions in the chat. Thank you
Andrea Dodge
As a follow-up to the telehealth model for rural areas, is there planning in process for what would be done in areas where people don't have internet access?
Graham Harriman
I’m also available by email if you have questions. Gharriman@health.nyc.gov
Are the any HIV clinical trials for vaccines or cures available and if so how do we access them?
Antigone Dempsey, HRSA (she/her)
Link or clinical trials: https://www.nih.gov/health-information/nih-clinical-research-trials-you/finding-clinical-trial