HRSA-22-050 Technical Assistance Webinar 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Oksana Cobb
Hello and Welcome to HRSA-22-050 (Program to Support Oral Health Workforce Activities) TA Session 2!
Oksana Cobb
Please see above the copy of today's slides, SF-424 R&R “Other Project Information” clarification, and Attachment 11: Research & Related Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) clarification.
Oksana Cobb
More information about the program, including the copy of the NOFO, can be found here: https://www.hrsa.gov/grants/find-funding/hrsa-22-050
Oksana Cobb
If you have follow up questions during the webinar, please post them hear, and we will do our best to address them at the end of the webinar.
Eric B
If we put partners on the SF424 R/R Subaward form, must we include an LOA for them, or will an LOS suffice?
Oksana Cobb
Hi Eric, could you please spell out LOA and LOS? I just want to make sure everyone know what it is and we are all on the same page
Eric B
LOA being letter of agreement, and LOS being letter of support
Oksana Cobb
@Eric B: Wonderful, thanks you! You question has been queued.
Monica DeRico
I have a question about the need for a line-item budget for subcontracts. If I do 2 sub-recipient contracts with a Contractor, do I need to include 3 separate line item budgets (1 for the Contractor and 2 for the subcontractors/subrecipients) or just one for the main contract (and not the subcontracts)? Thanks
Oksana Cobb
@Monica, I have a follow up question. In your main contract, does it state the total amount to be subcontracted for both contracts or does it include the amount for other un-related to this grant subcontracts?
Marisa Voelker
1.Should the budget justification be attached to Line L of the SF-424 Research and Related (R&R) Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) form? 2.Where does the SF-424 Research and Related (R&R) Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) Form SUBAWARD Budget Attachment(s) Form get uploaded to? Does it go in Attachments 12-15: Other Relevant Documents (Optional)?3. Do Research and Related Budgets for subawards need to have a budget justification? If yes, do we use the SF-424 Research and Related (R&R) Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) Form Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form and attach a SF-424 Research and Related (R&R) Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) for every contractor, and upload the justification to Line L in each form?4. Do subaward justifications count toward page limits?
Jody Libit
Can you please clarify how many budget documents are required? I believe it is just the fed/non fed budget RR, budget narrative (that addresses matching and federal funds), and potentially the rr subaward form.
Jody Libit
Is the subaward rr form only required for subawards/contracts that have budgets determined / awardees are named? (The budget narrative will explain the basis for the budget amount for those that need to be competed/no budget is yet prepared.)
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
Can you provide an anticipated timeline for the review, notification, and when the recipient would receive the NoA if awarded?
Marisa Voelker
Are sub-objectives necessary? When completing the SWP form it requires sub-objectives to be entered.
Marisa Voelker
If references are on a separate page/attachment, will this count towards the page limit?
Gail Auclair
Can stipends for student, extern and resident funding be allowed in the budget? Our project is to propose the development of a clinical training center for all dental professions and the biggest barrier for students seems to be housing costs for attending clinical sites that our distant from their homes.
DrDarwin Hayes (NJ)
DrDarwin Hayes (NJ)
is there a specific form to be used/submitted??
Gail Auclair
sorry, correction to my question: Can stipends for HOUSING, or housing costs, be allowable costs in the budget?
Wesley Myers
Must we submit the same amount of funding for each grant year within the $400,000 or can the federal amount vary from year 1?
Monica DeRico
CArolyn can you please repeat that answer?
Monica DeRico
and no line item budget needed for the subcontractor?
Monica DeRico
okay ,thank you
Mona Van Kanegan (IDPH Oral Health)
Is there a standard logic model format that you would like for us to use.
So if we have 4 subcontracts, then we have to submit 4 separate budget justifications that will take up 4 pages of the page limit? Or can these be merged in some way?
Jody Libit
So if the budget / vendor aren't determined and we are estimating, we wouldn't need a subaward RR-just a reference/description in the budget narrative?
Luca Fernandez
trainees and dental residents
Laural Dillon
If I create a sub-recipient contract with a partner, who will then create a subcontract with another partner, do I need 2 separate subcontract line item budgets? The funds that will go into the second subcontract will be in the budget of the initial sub-recipient.
Laural Dillon
Does "substantial" mean anything over 25% of the total award?
Star Sawicki
To clarify, if our subawards are $70,000 per award of less, we would not be required to complete the subaward form?
Star Sawicki
*or less
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
Substantial each year or over the 4-years?
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
so 25% of each year?
Oksana Cobb
@Matt, Yes.
Monica DeRico
in grants.gov it reads: Copying and pasting data into a Grants.gov application form from Word may lead to errors in the Adobe Reader form. If using the copy and paste function, copy the information from a text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit, which does not have proprietary fonts or special characters.
Monica DeRico
my last question is for the SWP, does this mean we cannot copy and paste from a Word document in to the SWP?
Matt Zaborowski, Idaho Oral Health Program
Where is the subcontractor form?
Monica DeRico
from grants.gov
Monica DeRico
as long as we don't get an error in that method (copying from Word to the SWP), we should be okay?
Oksana Cobb
@Matt, 242 RR Application Guide
Monica DeRico
from grants.gov FAQs
Oksana Cobb
or forms can be downloaded from Grants.gov
Monica DeRico
I got the info on copying and pasting from grants.gov
Monica DeRico
I'll email you, thank you very much