Preventive Medicine Residency (PMR) Program Pre-application Technical Assistance Webinar for HRSA-23-004 - Shared screen with speaker view
Inez Williams
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Inez Williams
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Polly Thomas - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
what is definition of "longitudinal"
Shannon Aymes
Are there specific emerging PH crises the grant is focused on?
Polly Thomas - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
so longitudinal means a 2 month block, not for example 2 months spread out as 1 day a week for a year or so...
Tina Holt
two months continuously - and "FULL TIME"? would longitudinal not mean over the course of a year?
Sarah Diamond
Will a copy of the slides be sent out?
Jennifer Genuardi
Do FQHC have to be a THC and house other residency programs.
Jennifer Lultschik
Our MPH schedule does not currently permit 2 months of full-time assignment on a rotation. Can residents work 2 days/week for a longer period of time?
George Rust
Was there an intention to avoid funding any new-start programs by eliminating the planning year and by requiring programs to have already achieved full accreditation? Is there any funding option anticipated in the future to encourage new-start Prev Med programs?
Polly Thomas - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Has HRSA informed the FQHCs that they need to participate in this program. We have had some hesitancy in our FQHCs when we have asked if our residents can train there.
Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar (She/Her)
I'm still confused by "continuous" Does this mean- for example- that the goal is that a resident would be there 1 day per week for example for the entire year? which would be 45 days or so per year (once accounting for vacation, holiday)?
Eric Wood, MD, MPH
can you place that previous link in the chat
Eric Wood, MD, MPH
FQHC sites
Kay Jenkins
Would preliminary approval from ACGME count as accredited?
Dr. Bala Simon
Will there be future funding for new PM programs that are in the process of receiving accreditation from ACGME?
Umlauf, Erin
Are green card holders eligible?
Elizabeth Zmuda D.O. FAAP FACOP
We have to have a residency in place to apply? I thought this was to support us getting one
Umlauf, Erin
Regarding the 2 month FQHC rotation, is this only clinical or can it include population health related curriculum?
Jennifer Genuardi
Do the residency program have funding to pay FQHC for housing their residents for the longitudinal portion?
Kay Jenkins
On recent HRSA applications, we submitted the SWP form as an attachment. Will that be the case for this funding opportunity?
Cortland Lohff_Southern Nevada Health District
NOFO states applicant must "... hold continuing accreditation from the relevant accrediting body …" What about programs that hold the status of 'initial accreditation'?
Raquel G Trujillo
Where can we find the standard work plan form?
Anne Patterson, PO BHW HRSA
Please find the slides here.
Anne Patterson, PO BHW HRSA
We will address questions during the question and answer session.
Polly Thomas - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Our residents receive small amount of 'fringe" in addition to medical / dental. Should we only ask for medical / dental or can we ask for the full "fringe".
Daniele Dreitzer
So the de minimis indirect rate is allowed at 8% not the usual 10%?
Are FQHCs eligible to be the grantee?
Hello Applicants, many are asking about the longitudinal rotation. It will need to be continuous and full-time.
Clinton J Ehrhardt
Are fringe benefits for residents allowable on this project?
Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar (She/Her)
IS there any expectation that the PM residents will also complete clinical work there?
Christina Miller
Our program would like to enhance diversity of our preventive medicine program by funding Year 1 positions (meaning that they would be funded in their intern year, prior to being in their PGY2-3 preventive medicine years). Would a PGY-1 year be eligible for funding?
Jennifer Lultschik
What if an FQHC has other learners and cannot provide full-time rotations to PH-GPM residents for that reason?
Tina Holt
So the Full time for two months effort is to conduct population health work - like QI or research projects, not direct patient care, right?
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
Can we focus on population activities at the FQHC as outlined in the NOFO or does it need to be clinical work also?
Debbie Cherry
The NOFO requires a plan to demonstrate financial independence from the grant in four years. What constitutes an adequate plan? Is it ok if the plan includes shrinking but not eliminating the program should funding from HRSA end?
Laura Power
For programs already receiving HRSA funding, do we include expected carry-forward in this budget proposal for this application? This is a “new” proposal - wondering how we account for expected carry forward which would fund our 2nd year residents (since 2 yrs of funding are obligated for to our current residents).
Shaun Shahani
In the package of forms on Grants.gov, I could only preview them. For the SWP, for example, I was unable to get access the interactive version of the form
Yordi Tiruneh
Would a School of Medicine with initial accreditation be eligible to apply?
Debbie Cherry
Can the population health FQHC experience be completed remotely?
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
Can we feed current residents into this FGHC requirement and does that count as having residents in the first year of the grant?
Kristin Oliver
We have found in our discussions with FQHCs that they would prefer a longer length of rotation in order to complete a longer population/QI project.
George Rust
Previous PMR grants did allow for one-year to achieve accreditation within the five year grant
Dr. Bala Simon
I agree with George Rust. Previous HRSA 18-008 grant allowed one-year to achieve accreditation within the five years.
to confirm, a Tribal health center would not receive their negotiated indirect cost rate?
Smita Bakhai, MD,MPH
permanent resident means green card holder
Debbie Cherry
Is there a model FQHC population health rotation anywhere in the U.S. that exists currently, or are we developing something entirely new?
Richard Goodman
Cindy indicated that FQHC rotations are to be population health-oriented, and not clinical. Can that be confirmed and, if correct, can parameters be given for the nature of the population health-oriented rotation experience?
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
Can the funds in part pay for development and implement of trainings, and supporting faculty time to develop these trainings?
Sajjad's iPhone (2)
Is the $6.7M total grant for each of the four years? Thanks
Sonja Hutchins, MD, MPH, DrPH
Could you explain again what is meant by "resident costs are to be obligated at the start of an individual resident training year." For example, if resident starts July 1, in the middle of an annual budget period, the full 2 years of trainee costs must be obligated at the start?
Laura Power
I would like some clarification about the resident activities during the required 2 month FQHC rotation; When I read the NOFO I was under the impression that maybe we had some discretion to how we set up the FQHC rotation (such as hybrid clinical/pop health, etc). Want to clarify that we are being told there should be 2-months total of non-direct patient care work.
Debbie Cherry
Residents who start in July 2025 would have 21 months of HRSA funding that ends in April 2027. Should we assume that funding ends in April 2027, or should we assume that funding will be renewed for residents who start in July 2025 as well as July 2026?
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
cannot hear Nancy.
Polly Thomas - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
CAn we use some funds for SPH costs for current residents who will be in their second year. We have 1 resident in our program now,for whom SPH funding will be needed in 23-24.
George Rust
It does strike me that most population health projects, social determinants of health, or outcome improvement projects take longer than 2 months and could easily be accomplished by what we would understand as "longitudinal" with the same # of contact hours (e.g., 40 hrs / week x 8 weeks could become 27 hours a month x 12 months or 6-7 hours a week for 50 weeks. Does the NOFO not allow for that level of flexibility?
Dorothy Lane
I have my hand up and would like to ask a question
Sorry if I missed this - Can an FQHC be the grantee? or only a rotation site
Laura Power
I know we’re fixating on the FQHC rotation! But many of us heard Dr. Jung talk about the importance of having a prev med doc working in the FQHC in both a clinical and pop health role at the ACPM meeting. It seems unusual to me to restrict the residents from participating in some kind of patient care while stationed at an FQHC and working on projects. (We currently have a rotation where residents see patients on some days and also work on population health projects on other days while at the FQHC).
Cortland Lohff_Southern Nevada Health District
ACGME specifies the coursework needed for PMR program. Page 8 of the NOFO states 'coursework in public health, health management and policy, population and community health, and leadership' Is the intent to mimic the current ACGME requirements or is the intent to specify new requirements. And what is coursework in 'leadership'?
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
Sorry if I missed this, Can the funds be used on transitional year residents if they are in the FQHC for two months?
Shaun Shahani
That SWP though on Grants.gov was preview only though.
Eric Wood, MD, MPH
Can you clarify whether this NOFO includes opportunities for residencies in Occupational Medicine, General Preventive Medicine and Aerospace Medicine? If open to all three specialties, could projects in a FQHC include a focus on the specialty (i.e. OM, GPM, AM) within the population served?
Kay Jenkins
Shaun -Go to grants.gov then click on forms then on sf-424-family the you can download a fillable form.
Kay Jenkins
You can download the Preventive Medicine Residency (PMR) Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) application guidance at the https://www.grants.gov/ website.Type HRSA-23-004 in the Search box and click “Go.” https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html?keywords=HRSA-23-004On the HRSA-23-004 landing page, click on the “Package” Tab.Click on “Preview.” Click on the “Download Instructions” button.  You will see the Standardized Work Plan attachment.GRANTS.GOV | Find. Apply. Succeed.The government website where federal agencies post discretionary funding opportunities and grantees find and apply for them
Daniele Dreitzer
i believe someone had put a question in the chat earlier regarding the sustainability plan, is it possible to address that question?
Kay Jenkins
Nancy, the form in the preview is not fillable. That's why I sent the other link.
okay. Send an email - currently I'm not able access.
Eva Wilson
is the ppt available online
It will be.
Anne Patterson, PO BHW HRSA
The slides are available here in the chat.
Eva Wilson
ok, thank you.
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Camille Martina (she/her/hers)
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Gragnani, Candace
Thank you for your time.
Peter Pendergrass, Tyler, Texas
Thanks everyone.
Anne Patterson, PO BHW HRSA
Thank you for joining us today!
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Victoria C. Costales, MD, MPH
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Irene Sandvold
The SWP forms that you should use is part of the application package on grants.gov Others should not be used.
Shannon Aymes
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Smita Bakhai, MD,MPH
Sonja Hutchins, MD, MPH, DrPH
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