FY 2021 Health Center Program Service Expansion: School-Based Service Sites - Shared screen with speaker view
Jovaun Matthews-OIT
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We have opened our SBSS site and added it to our scope in EHBs. What document(s) would I want to attach in EHBs to respond to the condition to implement within 120 days?
Anita Porbeni
If we start the SBSS on a Mobile Health Unit that's already a site on the HRSA Website, do we still need to add The schools that we would be at on the MHU via a CIS?
Sergio Ruiz, Borrego Community Health Foundation
Will the slides be posted?
Anita Porbeni
Thank you
Jennifer Morse
to receive a license to begin renovation, the state of Colorado, (not the local school district) has to approve site plans prior to any remodeling of the school clinic space. the state takes about 10 weeks for that review process. we are working to finalize architectural plans but that might take a few weeks to ensure it reflects our MOU with the school district. all this to say, we are likely unable to meet the 120 day requirement due to other entities timeline that's required to renovate the space. is there flexibility around the 120 day requirement? if so, how much additional time is considered?
For semi-annual reports, are there specific questions that will be asked? Will we have access to these reports in advance?
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
We will be providing some services (e.g., primary care, behavioral health) via telehealth on-site. Our school anticipates some students and their families may prefer to do a telehealth call that is set up by our school services Navigator from their homes due to scheduling or other reasons. Are these encounters eligible for SBSS?
Laura LaCombe
If we are not using our mobile unit for each of the school sites, then each school would need to be added through a change in scope?
Jennifer Morse
thanks, i'll reach out to Jan.
Chad Jones
When we originally submitted the SBSS application the site was intended to be inside the school's admin building however they have now offered us a larger space in a free standing building on the campus. Do we need to work through the SBSS contact form or direct with our project officer in order to update this location.
Laura LaCombe
thank you!
Temple Robinson
Though we cannot use A/R funding to install a modular unit, can we use the funds to retrofit a modular unit if the school board purchases and installs the unit at the school? Can we use our mobile dental clinic to tied us over if we have delays in the A/Rs?
Chad Jones
Thank you
Tyler Bysshe
SBSS Technical Assistance Webpage: https://bphc.hrsa.gov/program-opportunities/school-based-service-expansion
Anita Porbeni
If we start with a Mobile Unit to meet the 120 day requirement while working through the renovations and state licensing requirements, can we later add the SBSS sites when we actually move into the school building. Will we still meet that requirement.
Temple Robinson
Thank you team.
Suzi Mariano
If we have delays in securing our mobile unit, and have to provide services onsite using mobile equipment at multiple schools, do we need to add each site rather than just the one that was approved?
Suzi Mariano
We anticipate challenges with getting staff recruited and hired in order to be operational within 120 days. Do you have any specifics on what “operational” means for these services? Do we need to just have the ability to see patients for the intended service at the site? Or do we need to be up and running 5 days a week etc.?
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
Following up on the previous question, would on-site enabling services qualify for "operational" if we can not get Telehealth running within 120 days?
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
tele only for clinical; enabling will be on-site
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
It would be Navigator (CHW) services on-site.
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
e.g., for SDOH, service coordination, etc.
Andy Lowe (OCHS)
OK, thx
Suzi Mariano
If we are moving a position from Personnel to Contract, and it is less than 25% of the total. Do we need to do a budget adjustment? We don't have any other expenses in contract