The AOR Technical Assistance HCLSB of 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Doebley
Where can I access the slides for this calll?
Lisa Arnold
Do we need to enter our school name into the chat to show that we're present?
Linda Lopez
Is the host supposed to be screensharing? All I see is her name displayed
Heidi Keller her)
Are there slides?
Jessica Rouser
Slides or a PDF of what is being discussed would be very helpful. I can't seem to take notes fast enough
Laurie Dresow
I'm just seeing her name also displayed. I'm not seeing any slides either
Adita Velic
I am just seeing names, not slides. Seems like they forgot to share their presentation.
Sharon Francis
Same here no slides just names
Kat Johnson
yes, same here
Kat Johnson
this has been extremely difficult to follow without slides
arlyn villaruz
slides attached
ellen Spilker
in the manual that was distributed for 2022, the date on the manual /guidance says it's from 6/21. Does that mean that there is no change to last year's guidance?
Stephen Stracensky
What date is considered timely for return of excess cash?
ellen Spilker
slides attached where!!
Is someone supposed to be sharing their screen or are we waiting to begin for more attendees to join>
Laurie Dresow
I have those printed out, but what the updates that she just mention, I would like to have those in a PDF, so I know what she fully said.
Teju Koka
Hello everyone, there are no slides for the current presentation but the recording will be made available once the presentation is done.
Dorothy Etienne
Which line on page 4 of the AOR where the one year projection should be entered (H, I or K)?
Beth Lerman
@Arlyn Villaruz - that attachment is just the AOR Guidance PDF. Is there another document with slides that is supposed to be attached?
Karen Lynch
From Karen Lynch, Tufts University regarding Excess Cash:
Has the meeting begun? I cannot hear anyone.
Paul Soligian
I'd like to thank Tinika for always being so helpful and patient.
Hai Le
The excess cash must be sent to the Government right after you submit your AOR.
Linda Frenza
What is the purpose of asking for total indebtedness for students that received Title VII and are practicing in a rural area.
Penny James
Will someone let us know if our school will not receive new funds?
Alison Murphy
I have some questions regarding Examples of Prorating collection costs. Is the appropriate venue to ask this question, or should I direct this question to someone after the webinar?
Karen Lynch
From Karen Lynch, Tufts University regarding Excess Cash: Why are we receiving requests in February and March for Excess Cash instead of post-AOR submission? I have had to deposit University Funds into various loan programs over the year to cover deficits. Where do I report these contributions on Pages 2 and 5; where do I report the anticipated return of these funds to the University on page 5?
Laurie Dresow
Is it possible to put the informational first part into a PDF so we have access to it so we don't miss anything that you mentioned in the beginning?
ellen Spilker
you mentioned that NOAs are being sent. If we are getting a new award, when can we expect to get the NOAs
Bryan McMullin
If we are expected to only keep one year's worth of funding on hand, and we have seen a significant decrease in collections, are we supposed to loan less, or are we going to receive more funding?
Beth Lerman
I have a question regarding issuance of federal tax forms to borrowers if the school has to pay off an uncollectible loan from a borrower (i.e. if it is not approved by HRSA for cancellation). Is this the appropriate venue for this question?
Yu Li
is there any significant change in this year's AOR that is different from last year?
arlyn villaruz
Line H is the projection of expenditures for 7/1/22 thru 6/30/23 (current fiscal year). Why is there a line to project an extra Year (7/1/23-6/30/24) if we are not allowed to project no more than one year?
Juan Gordon
For those grantee who are experience a decrease in Federal funding you should develop a action plan submit it to your assigned Project Officer and we will consider the funds on hand for projected use and or retainment.
Jaime Schulang
Our alumni office does not have complete information about the employment of our graduates. How are we supposed to report indebtedness based on employment in rural areas?
Patricia Donahue
When are the notices of funding sent out to schools?
LaVerne Walker
Is there any place on the AOR you want to discontinue participating in the program?
Juan Gordon
Notice of Funding (NOA) will be disbursed around the 3rd week in July 2022.
Deidre Rush-UIC
Have the technical issues related to accessing reports been resolved, I had to seek assistance from my HRSA contact to gain access to 1 of 2 missing report ( reports were not visible in the HRSA portal). I am still awaiting access to my other report I am concerned because the deadline is 8/15
ellen Spilker
the AOR Guidance you sent is dated 6/21. Is that correct?
Juan Gordon
If you want to discontinue a program at your school please submit a letter on letter head to your assigned Project Officer and the PO will provide further instructions.
Linda Frenza
is the indebtedness from just the university that awarded the loan or is it for all other universities that the student attended?
Alyssa McLellan
Is there guidance for what Congress considers to be "rural" and/or a source of uniform definitions related to the information their requesting that we gather from students?
Roberta Penz
If we request the information for the workplace for the graduates, but the graduates do not respond, how do complete the AOR questions? NA? no response?
Hai Le
The AOR Guidance dated 6/21 is correct because we don't have any changes in the AOR this year, just have dates updated.
Beth Lerman
The follow up to the tax question is about whether we need to issue a tax form to the borrower
Leslie Kaelin
Are other schools having difficulty awarding PCL because Direct Loans (Dept. of Education) have been interest free since March 2020 and looks like that may continue (who knows how long)? Also no PSLF with PCL loans. Maybe things will pick up for PCL if the Direct Loans start having interest???
Beth Lerman
Specifically, do we have to issue a federal 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt, tax form to a borrower if the school has paid for this loan
Penny James
If the AOR shows we have excess cash but we have already committed that to students for the fall semester, will we still be required to return funds or will we be allowed to keep funds to cover commitments for the upcoming year?
Patricia Donahue
Due to the pandemic, we have had a hard time collecting the information from graduates. Is there flexibility with these questions due to COVID?
Tinika Mayo
Penny, you can submit an action to your project officer of the program in questions if returning the excess cash will cause you to not be able to fulfill your committed loans.
Tinika Mayo
Patricia, we ask that you try your best to collect this information. If you do find yourself having a difficult time and do not have this information available at the time of the AOR submission, please indicate this on the AOR in the explanation box of those particular questions.
Shannon Hadding
If a loan is not repaid within the 10 year repayment period, due to HRSA allowing forbearances due to COVID, then does the school have additional time to collect those funds, or are we still required to buy back the loan at the end of the 10 year period?
Tinika Mayo
EHB Help Desk Number - 877-Go4-HRSA
arlyn villaruz
Has the forbearance of interest on HRSA LOANS been extended past 5/1/2022 (due to COVD), to mirror the loans owned by the Dept of Ed where there is a pause on interest thru 8/31/22?
Bridget Curl
Why do NOA's not go out until July? If schools want to utilize funds for recruitment for the upcoming year, wouldn't earlier notice be better?
Tinika Mayo
Our website - https://bhw.hrsa.gov/funding/schools-manage-loan-programs
Jeannie Couper
Screen shot cannot be opened.
arlyn villaruz
Is there a listserv for schools who manage HRSA funds?
LaVerne Walker
Sorry, I may miss the answer to my question - Is there a place on the AOR if you want to discontinue participating in the program?
Beth Lerman
Wait -- one more question -- our loan servicer had heard from someone at HRSA that the forbearance and interest pause is definitely being extended after May 1st, 2022. They did not resume billing our borrowers based on this information. If this is not approved, are we, as the school, on the hook for these payments that were not collected by our servicer?
Hai Le
Laverne, please contact your program officer if you want to discontinue your program.
Amanda Mitchell
We answered the AOR last year accurately that there was not a current need for additional funding because there was not student interest at the time so we did not request additional funding. Will HRSA look at removing the check mark on the AOR to request additional funding for the following year to allow schools that see an increase in interest of the loan to be able to request additional awards?
LaVerne Walker
@Hai Lee -thanks
Hai Le
You are welcome.
Tinika Mayo
Laverne, you can make comments on the AOR in addition, you will need to submit a letter on your schools letterhead, signed by an authorizing official indicating that you would like to close your program.
Erika Thurman
We received an email from ECSI saying that the extension would be granted through 8/31/2022.
Donna Zacher
If you need to request corrections to your AOR for cash on hand should we try to make correction for this year or next year.
Lisa Arnold
We heard the same from ECSI.
Beth Lerman
Yes -- ECSI is the same servicer that we use for our loans, and this is what we received from them
Shannon Hadding
ECSI based this decision on the NFLP Second Quarter Technical Assistance Webinar presented by HRSA employees on May 4, 2022.
Erika Thurman
ECSI said it was from the NFLP Second Quarter Technical Assistance webinar presented by HRSA on May 4, 2022.